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Thomas Thorby-Lister

Thomas Thorby-Lister

Untitled (Morning Tension)
  • dimensions

    38 x 49
  • medium

    acrylic and heavy weave linen
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    From a foundation of drawing and having studied as a Printmaker (2006-2010 SCA) my interest has tended toward technical processes to achieve evocative illusions of surface. I enjoy the drama and mystery in objects that are concealed. Having begun with influences such as Christo; I have since found that more minimal abstraction is equally successful as a more obvious sculptural form. My interest is not in narrative, but perception. I have always enjoyed understanding how something works, and as such my practice is very process driven. These works are an extension of that curiosity and the path to understanding light and shadow in the context of painting.

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