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Contribute to Arts in the Valley

​The KVAF Inc Supporter's Program

As everyone working in the art world knows, and as all of us who enjoy the arts know – whether music concerts, visual or sculptural arts and other arts events – arts events are expensive to put on.  We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of the community. 


To run the events we do, we rely on membership fees, artist entry fees and commissions, occasional grants … and contributions.  Contributions from those able to support us are an absolutely crucial part of the mix.


We welcome all contributions, small to help with our operating expenses or larger to underwrite musicians at our Concerts throughout the year or prizes at our biennial Sculpture in the Valley and Visual Arts in the Valley exhibitions.


All financial contributions to the Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival Inc (Arts in the Valley) are tax deductible.


Arts in the Valley is one of the few regional community arts organisations that attracts nationally known musicians and holds significant exhibitions of nationally recognised artists and sculptors with significant prize money. Underwriting support allows us to bring the best musicians and to attract the highest quality work and, as a result, bring more people to the Valley, thereby contributing to the economic viability of our community while supporting creative artists, musicians and sculptors. 


We welcome your support and donations of any amount.


If you might consider a larger donation, I would be happy to discuss with where you would like to allocate your major gift, say to a particular concert, art or sculpture prize.    

Supporters (up to $500)

Donors ($500-$1,999)

Major Donors ($2,000-$4,999)

Lead Donors ($5,000-$9,999)

Patrons ($10,000 and above)


Donors will receive:

  • ​Listing in our Music programs or Sculpture or Visual Arts catalogues. We are happy to recognise your donation to Arts in the Valley. Donors may remain anonymous if you prefer.

  • Priority invitations to all Music Concerts, and priority invitations to all Sculpture and Visual Arts previews with the opportunity to purchase artworks and sculpture before they go on sale to the general public.

  • Invitations to special donor events.

  • A tax deduction.

​​Please join with us in supporting Arts in the Valley and in our region.​

To make a contribution, please send us an email at and make a bank deposit to:


BSB 032-691

Account No 364909. 

Or contact me personally at

With many thanks,


Gary Moore


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