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Arts in the Valley needs you ….

In 2013, Arts in the Valley (Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival Inc) was faced with a problem that had to be solved.  For great art, music and sculpture in the valley, we needed new committee members. The president, secretary and treasurer had all stepped down at roughly the same time. 
The call to arms went out.  Three people responded – Nick Minogue, Robert Calkhoven and Alan Squirrell. Bingo!  From this emerged a new president, a treasurer and a committee member.
Roll forward a decade and in 2024, we face a similar situation. The whirligig of time has had its effect. We again need new and energetic committee members so that we can fill those leadership roles.   
I’ve stepped in as temporary president, but I can only do so for one year.  And our new treasurer has had to step back reluctantly for personal reasons.


We need a Committee from which we can draw both a new president and a treasurer. A Committee, well led, is essential for us to continue offering concerts of music and festivals of arts and sculpture.  You understand, dear reader, how troubling it would be for our community of residents and artists if the whole thing dissolved.
In November of this year, the world will get two presidents, one in Kangaroo Valley looking after its arts.
She/he will be critical in leading the team which brings you music, art and sculpture throughout the year.
Do you know someone possibly hankering for such a role, biding their time, waiting for the trumpet call?
Is it you? Or one of your friends? It is a very satisfying group to work with, and you would have influence on the future directions for Arts in the Valley.


Think ‘I could be on the Committee’ or think bigger ‘Now’s the time for me to step up’.
If you have any questions, might be interested in helping out or have a name to suggest please contact me at


Kind regards,

Gary Moore,
President (pro tem)

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