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Peta West

Peta West


Along the Coastal Track - Print Editions Unframed 

  • dimensions

    60 x 60
  • medium

    relief linocut
  • editions

    7/50 framed
    Unframed - $390

  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Along this coastal track is a wonder of flora and fauna. Wild flannel flowers grow freely along the track displaying their beautiful flowers come the start of spring. Many species of banksias engage you with their rough barks and their beautiful flower and seed cones. Whilst meandering you can always spot a Yellow tail Black Cockatoo feasting on the abundance of banksia and casuarina nuts. With a vista of up and down the coast with rugged headlands and waves this is the Pacific Ocean Coastline. With each piece of linoleum I carve, I strive to entice you through light and shadow. Allowing you to be engaged in my story but also leaving small pockets of dark that bring depth and wonder to each piece. Fine details and bold markings leave textures that form the flora and fauna of our native Australian landscape. Each edition is hand printed by me in my studio within Lake Conjola’s National Park. Immersed and surrounded by National park I find my inspiration in the world around me.

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