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Laura  Court

Laura Court

Life, Death and in the Middle
  • dimensions

    42 x 30
  • medium

    pen and paint marker
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    “Perhaps nothing leaves us more vulnerable than the threat of relationship loss. When we’re drowning in emotion it’s impossible to think clearly. We may think we’re thinking, but in reality
    we’re just reacting” – Dr. Harriet Lerner
    This artwork is inspired by the loss of someone so alive they made me forget that death was possible. When it became inevitable I found myself, as we often do in these situations, in denial.
    Once I came to a place of acceptance I was still, as Dr Lerner says “drowning in emotion” and so I began reacting.
    This artwork is my reaction to the inseparable nature of life and death and how we deal with that knowledge when we realise, usually due to a loss that we are in the middle of both.
    I studied Visual Arts and Design at A.C.U and have had a lifelong love of making art. My current job, although not art related leaves me with lots of creative energy for my spare time. This year has been tumultuous and important for my personal approach to making work that I feel both expresses my intentions and inner world.

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