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Salon of Local Artists Prize

Entries open 1 August - Entries close 30 August


Terms & Conditions of Entry


By submitting your work for consideration to the Visual Arts in the Valley Salon of Local Artists Prize, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:


  1. Any original work of hung or electronic visual art is eligible for entering into the Salon of Local Artists Prize including, but not limited to, painting in any medium, drawing, printmaking, photographic art, digital art, textile and fabric art, collage, multi-media, new media, video art, etc.  Sculpture, ceramics and other 3-D artwork, such as installation art, are not eligible (but are in our biennial Sculpture in the Valley). 

  2. The artwork must be by a local Kangaroo Valley artist, defined as anyone residing in, or having a studio within, the escarpment of Kangaroo Valley, ie, in the localities of Kangaroo Valley & Village, Upper Kangaroo River, Upper Kangaroo Valley, Wattamolla, Broger’s Creek, Bellawongarah, west of and including the west side of Tourist Rd, Beaumont, west of and including the west side of Tourist Rd, Red Rocks, Brown’s Mountain, Budgong North, Budgong Gap, Moollattoo, Tallowa Dam, Jack’s Corner, Bendeela and Barrengarry.  If in doubt, please consult the Director at whose decision is final. 

  3. Maximum of 3 artworks per artist.

  4. All entries must be original artwork completed and submitted by the applying artist and completed within two years prior to the application closing date.  No works previously exhibited by Visual Arts in the Valley may be submitted again.   

  5. Maximum hung artwork size including frame: height 180cm x width 110cm, and for video art the maximum duration is 10 minutes.     

  6. An application fee of $30 per artwork for the first two entries and $20 for the third (hung or video) is due with the application.  Entry fees help cover operating costs in staging the prize, including selection and exhibition, and have been kept as low as possible to encourage broad participation.     

    1. The application fee is non-refundable whether or not the artwork is accepted, including if it is disqualified on technical grounds (eg, size restriction, or other).   

    2. If the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the application fee will be refunded in full. 

  7. A JPEG photograph of each hung artwork (as high resolution as possible, up to max 5MB, showing the work only, do not show the frame and do not show any extraneous background) must be submitted via the online Entry Form.  The JPEG should be labelled: firstname_surname_artworktitle.jpeg.   

  8. For video artwork, upload a HD version of each video submission onto a video platform such as Vimeo or YouTube (or a Dropbox) with a password.  Provide a link to enable the Curator to see it.  Also upload a single screenshot from the video, in JPEG format up to 5MB in size, into the Entry Form. 

  9. Applications open at 9am Thursday 1 August 2024 and close at 5pm Friday 30 August 2024.  The entry form with JPEG photo and payment for each artwork must be received no later than the closing date.  Any incomplete application will not be accepted.  All applications received will be acknowledged by email. 

  10. All artworks submitted will be reviewed by the Guest Curator from which a number will be chosen to be hung as Finalists:

    1. Curation and selection will be based on the submitted JPEG images.  Artists’ names, locations and other identifying details will not be known to the Curator. 

    2. Selection will be based on originality and artistic quality. 

    3. All entrants will be advised of the outcome as soon as possible.    

    4. The Curator’s decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into. 

    5. From the hung finalists, all prizes will be determined by the Curator and will be announced at the Opening. 

    6. The Packing Room Prize will be determined by the Packing Room Team and will be announced at the Opening. 

    7. The People’s Choice Prize will be voted for by attendees at the Exhibition and will be announced at noon on the final day of the Exhibition. 

  11. All Finalist hung artworks must be framed, or on stretched gallery canvas or other support system, ready for wall hanging:

    1. All hung artworks must be fitted with two D-rings, ~50mm from the top of the artwork, on the back of the frame or stretcher.  Do not attach string or wire to these D-rings.

    2. If you wish to add string for the ease of buyers, do so on separate D-rings below the hanging D-rings.  This, however, is not necessary.    

    3. Frames should be appropriate for the value of the work and, in the case of anything with glass on the front, should be finished with glued backing paper and framing tape. 

    4. No wet artwork will be accepted.

    5. Name of the artist, title, medium, size (W x H in centimeters), date completed, sale price and, if represented by a commercial gallery, name of the gallery are to be shown clearly on the back of each accepted artwork.  

    6. Arts in the Valley reserves the right to reject any artworks on delivery if not appropriately prepared for gallery hanging, as per the above requirements. 

  12. All Finalist video artworks must be displayed on video equipment supplied and installed by the artist: 

    1. Video artists of accepted works are responsible for supplying and installing everything necessary for viewing your video, including a viewing monitor, computer/laptop/notebook/etc., plus all cables, headphones to avoid sound spillage, electrical leads, remote control if needed, and anything else needed for suitable gallery viewing.

    2. A plinth will be supplied by Visual Arts in the Valley on which to mount the display equipment.  After acceptance, please advise the Director at of the dimensions (D x W in centimeters) necessary to hold the display equipment.  

    3. For sales, we recommend artists supply a number of labelled USB flash drives, but the choice is left to the artist. 

  13. Artists of accepted hung artworks are responsible for the delivery of their artwork to the exhibition office: 

    1. Delivery of hung artworks may be made in person or arranged by courier of your choice to the Kangaroo Valley Hall, 177 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577 on Thursday 3 October between 8am and 12 midday.  The building will not be open or staffed other than during those times.  No hung artwork delivered after midday Thursday 3 October will be accepted.   

  14. Artists of accepted video artworks are responsible for the delivery and installation of all necessary equipment at the exhibition gallery: 

    1. Delivery of video artworks must be made in person by the video artist for installation under the direction of the Guest Curator to the Kangaroo Valley Hall, 177 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577 on Thursday 3 October between 12 midday and 4pm.  The gallery will not be open and the Curator not available other than during those times.  No video artwork arriving for installation after midday Thursday 3 October will be accepted.  

  15. Note:  Hung artwork must arrive at no later than 12 midday on Thursday 3 October.  Video artwork and all necessary equipment, as per Item 13, must arrive between midday and 4pm on Thursday 3 October. 

  16. Insurance of each artwork and all video equipment at Kangaroo Valley Hall, in transit to and from the Hall, and during installation and removal, including shipping or posting is the artist’s responsibility.  Arts in the Valley does not have an accidental and malicious damage insurance policy to cover artworks or equipment.  All such risks remain with the artist at all times, irrespective of whether the artwork is being handled by a member of the exhibition staff.   All reasonable care will be taken by Arts in the Valley.

  17. All artwork accepted for the Salon of Local Artists Prize must be exclusively for sale by Arts in the Valley during the Exhibition and online until the end of October 2024:

    1. The artist sets the listed gross sale price. 

    2. All listed sale prices will include our 25% commission.  For artworks sold, including edition prints or video USB thumb drives, the commission of 25% (incl our GST) will be deducted from the sale price and 75% returned to the artist. 

    3. Commissions help cover operating costs in staging the exhibition and have been kept as low as possible i to return maximum profit to the artist.

    4. For artists represented by a professional gallery, special conditions may be determined by your gallery and will be discussed with the artist.  

    5. Where an artist is registered for GST (please advise with your application), 10% GST is taken to be included in your listed sale price.  If registered, the artist is responsible for paying the GST on their proceeds to the ATO.   

    6. All artwork accepted as hung Finalists in the Salon of Local Artists Prize, from the time we receive your application until 31 October 2024, is for sale exclusively, including through our Online Gallery, by Arts in the Valley.  If any of your exhibited artwork sells during this period, the commission is payable to Arts in the Valley.  This clause operates equally for represented and unrepresented artists. 

    7. If any of your accepted artworks sell online between the end of the Exhibition and the end of October, the artist will be contacted so you can make arrangements with the purchaser for delivery.  Packaging costs are the responsibility of the artist; delivery costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  18. All artworks not sold during the Exhibition (plus all video equipment) are to be collected by the artist or authorised representative from the Kangaroo Valley Hall on Monday 7 October between 3 and 5pm, or by other prior arrangements with the Visual Arts Director. 

    1. Anyone collecting artwork or equipment on behalf of an artist must provide written authority to collect the work(s) and visual ID. 

    2. Artworks requiring packaging for pick-up will incur a $20 packaging and handling fee, more if special conditions, time or materials apply.  In all cases, original packing materials will be retained and used for re-packaging wherever possible.  This fee will be invoiced directly to the artist or, in the case of another artwork being sold, will be deducted from the account to the artist. 

    3. Artists who wish work packaged for pick-up should clearly label their original packing materials so the same materials can be used to repack unsold works.  The organisers will aim to repack works in original packing materials as this can be crucial for insurance claims.

    4. Artworks may be sold to the end of the Exhibition at 2pm on 7 October (and online after that until 5pm on 31 October).  Please check the Online Gallery at to see if your work(s) have sold before preparing to collect your work. 

    5. If an artist wishes that another person collects their artwork on their behalf they should inform the Manager, Nikki Sharp of the alternate arrangements.

    6. If a courier is collecting your artwork or equipment, please advise our Manager, Nikki Sharp, of the name of the authorised courier at  

    7. Any arrangement outside of these times must be agreed in writing with the Director, Gudula Dornseifer, via email at

  19. Visual Arts in the Valley wishes to encourage all artists to enter.  We will therefore do whatever we can, within reason, to assist you in delivery and collection. 

  20. Arts in the Valley will account to the artist for artworks sold on exhibition by the middle of October 2024, and within two weeks of any subsequent online sales. 

  21. Arts in the Valley reserves the right to have accepted artwork, and any images of artwork in the Exhibition reproduced for the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising, any electronic media or archival purposes in any manner connected with the Exhibition or its sponsors, now or in the future, including in any book by, or on, Arts in the Valley that may at any time become available for sale.

  22. Should the artist wish to use images of accepted artwork for any promotional purposes including websites, opening invitations or photos submitted to publications, please credit Visual Arts in the Valley and if possible establish a link to our website

  23. The terms of this agreement apply into the future and are not limited to the year of exhibition.


Any questions?  Please contact the Director at 


Revised:  3 June 2024

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