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Terhi Hakola
Lyrebird (lyyralintu)

Terhi Hakola

  • video

  • Lyrebird is a lament, and ode to hope for renewal, after Kangaroo Valley bushfires. Filmed at the artist’s burnt property, the sense of personal loss intertwines with the pain inflicted on the whole non-human world. The video’s cautious steps of a humble insect mark a beginning of a new flight.  Terhi Hakola is a Finland born artist based in Sydney and Kangaroo Valley. Her work asks questions about being: who are we in this world of things and other creatures? How to bear the impermanence of all living? How to make meaning? Using video, animation, installation and painting she weaves theatrical elements into her narrative work. She believes in the power of stories, myths and dreams to convey questions and truths too big to understand. Currently a postgraduate student in National Art School, Sydney, Hakola holds a Master of Art from UNSW, Sydney and a degree in medicine from Finland.

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