Tanya Stubbles

Tanya Stubbles

The Golden Ratio
  • dimensions

    157 x 101
  • medium

    mixed media white piano keys
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    The golden ratio is inspired by my love of mathematics and nature.
    The golden ratio is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. In the sequence each number is simply the sum of the two preceding numbers for example 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13………
    The golden ratio is sometimes called the divine proportion because of its frequency in the natural world. It can be seen in flower petals, shells, seed heads and animal flight patterns. The Fibonacci sequence is never ending and I believe “The Golden Ratio” has a timeless, unlimited and ethereal presence.

    Tanya Stubbles
    Based on the south coast of NSW, I grew up on a rural property with freedom to explore the landscape. A vivid memory is of a party at Arthur Boyd’s property. Being the youngest I was not
    allowed to swim in the river, so I watched Boyd paint and I was excited by the way he approached his work with thick meaty strokes of paint. This triggered my resolve to become an artist. I identify as a mixed media social landscape painter. My goal is to explore the Australian identity. I create iconic images, which weave together stories of the land, its people and history.