Sylvia Dewey

Sylvia Dewey

Highs and Lows
  • dimensions

    122 x 91
  • medium

    acrylic on canvas
  • Represented by

    Martin Browne Contemporary (Sydney)

  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Playing with paint is my passion. The Australian landscape is my love.  I like to combine the two by deconstructing, reconstructing and searching for an image that pleases me. I attempt to pull the picture out of the paint rather than paint a picture on the  canvas.  I am never totally happy with the finished product but that is what keeps me playing with  paint and I’ll never stop looking at the Australian landscape.  This painting is of no particular spot but simply a memory of the brooding escarpment in  winter as darkness starts to fall.  Sylvia Dewey. Biography  I have been painting for 30 years. Self-taught for a number of years but after obtaining a Diploma in Advanced Creative Fine Arts in 2004, I became more adventurous and abstract in  style. I enjoy paintings that invite me touch the surface.  I have taken a long break from painting over the last few years but the Covid lockdown sent  me back to my studio with brushes and scrapers ready to paint again.  Awards