Sandra Curry

Sandra Curry

  • dimensions

    91 x 91
  • medium

    acrylic paint on beechwood panel
  • Represented by

    Factory 49 (Sydney)

  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Geometric pattern & geometry, traditionally, have been accorded metaphysical & cosmological interpretation. In the Pythagorean philosophical tradition, numbers & geometric figures are keys to the structure of the cosmos & symbols of the archetypal world. Through the vehicle of repetitive geometric pattern I aspire to facilitate a conscious ‘After Image' affect. This phenomenon, according to Rudolf Steiner, is a glimpse into the esoteric world of action, &, the only possible moment man can actually observe ‘Spirit working in Matter’. In Modern psychology, it is called ‘Empathetic Resonance’, suggesting that among other things, art appreciation is a spiritual activity.