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Roxanne Lillis

Roxanne Lillis

Phoenix Rising (Balmoral) #1
  • dimensions

    135 x 95

  • medium

    acrylic on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    This work was one of a series painted after the devastation of losing everything we owned in the December bush fires. It is process driven on loose canvas, from a roll given to me by a friend. My paintings in this series are intuitive, spontaneous and cathartic, based on memories of my home and land. Phoenix Rising #1 has many layers of memory, thus many layers of paint, until I’m happy with the resolution BIOGRAPHY Roxanne Lillis is a Painter, living and working in The beautiful Southern Highlands regions of New South Wales. Roxanne began her art education in Sydney where she studied in the studio classes of Julian Ashton Art School, The Rocks. There, Roxanne absorbed the acute attention to form and composition associated with the academic tutoring. Her passion for the arts led her to successfully undertake a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 2000. Subsequent to that she received a Post-Graduate degree in Master of Art (Honours with Excellence) at the University of NSW Art & Design, Sydney in 2016. This is where Roxanne developed her own visual language. She is currently on the faculty of a Sydney Secondary College as a Creative Arts Coordinator and Visual Arts Teacher. Roxanne Lillis’ exhibitions include group and solo shows since 1993, throughout Sydney and regional NSW. With an established career history and solid reputation in the field of arts, accompanied by awards and publications, Roxanne now seeks future opportunities to participate to showcase her unique and celebrated artwork.

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