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Penny Simons

Penny Simons

Magnolia Totem
  • dimensions

    20 x 100
  • medium

    wood, magnolia leaves, grasses
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    This piece reflects the age old spiritual and healing qualities present in our natural world & in our  own individual and collective “indigenousness”.  Penny grew up in the South west of England not far from Stonehenge and the ancient lands of “Avalon”. Her work is inspired by these pagan, & celtic, themes but having lived in Australia for nearly 30 years she is also influenced by the land and the spirituality she has felt and found in  Australia.  This totem is from a series Penny has made that resonate with, and reconnects us with ancient  wisdoms.  * All materials used in this work, have been aged for approx. one year and are stable in both colour  and material. However this work would be best hung out of direct sunlight.  Artists Bio.  Penny Simons is a Maker/Sculpture/Weaver living and working in the Southern Highlands of NSW, at the SHAC in Robertson. One of the founding partners of “Cloth”, Penny’s current sculptural work blends the eclectic disciplines of weaving, horticulture, design, art & craft. Penny’s sculptures aim to capture the vulnerability, beauty, creativity and essence of Nature. Penny works as a "rural artisan”: resurrecting the age old traditions of whittling, weaving, foraging,  and resourcefulness.  These themes, are the underlying inspiration for Penny’s recent solo exhibition: “Return to Nature”, that was show at the SHAC gallery during the August 2020.

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