Oscar Mentink

Oscar Mentink

Lost in Space and Time // A Projection of Natures Mind
  • dimensions

    28 x 43
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  • Artist Statement & Bio

     Oscar Mentink Lost In Space And Time // A Projection Of Natures Mind The work ‘Lost in Space and Time // A Projection of Natures Mind’ is an unedited digital photograph taken as part of an exploration of textures in nature; It examines the synergy of interwoven layers (form, colour and shadow) created by nature, that in turn captivate the human eye. The work is without a singular focal point lending to a mesmerising characteristic that has a feeling of tessellating movement and depth.

     Oscar Mentink is a 21 year old artist producing works in the mediums of photography and collage. He is an avid admirer of nature and is currently residing in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

  • editions

    $100, 20 editions