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Nelle Rodis

Nelle Rodis

Channel 1
  • dimensions

    84 x 59.5
  • medium

    charcoal on paper
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Nelle Rodis is an emerging Melbourne based artist, in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at the VCA. Created between drawing and textile based methods, Nelle’s practice examines the workings of digital technologies and traditional techniques, and are led by an experimental approach to materials and processes. My interest in crochet and it’s materiality has allowed me to develop a methodological approach to creating drawings as patterns then as objects, then drawings again. The repetition of the same work through different forms of observation and visual language facilitates a multifarious approach to understanding it’s existence. As Channel 1 moves through its stages of fabrication, it reveals its inherent forms and symbols, investigating methods of translation and nuance of lost and gained information.

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