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Lucinda McDonald

Lucinda McDonald

Decompress the Anxiety
  • dimensions

    76 x 102

  • medium

    acrylic and house paint on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Initially I started this painting when I was feeling anxious and
    stressed. I was trying to relax and distract myself - painting in a
    bold, uninhibited expressive way. But as the composition
    developed, with the intentional minimal colour palette , I had to
    finetune , consider and control the placement of colour and
    shapes on the canvas. Focussed and absorbed in the painting.
    The process itself being a calming, mindful experience. In
    Decompress The Anxiety I continue working with shapes and
    colour and space linking the paintings with my steel sculptural
    work often using the similar shapes in both.

    Lucinda McDonald
    England Born Artist Lucinda McDonald`s abstract, experimental
    paintings and sculptures continually strive to create balanced
    compositions, through the systematic, playful approach she
    takes with colour, line and shape. Finding some harmony
    against a certain tension. In her sculptures she works
    principally with recycled steel with an acute appreciation of
    revitalising existing forms, pushing the medium creating
    surfaces & compositions that belie the material. Careful
    consideration on how individual shapes work together
    constructing playful, lyrical abstracted assemblages and
    paintings .
    Organic in her process, Lucinda subconsciously draws on
    displacement and her past, with a childhood  spent in South
    Africa and then returning to the UK. Now living in the Southern
    Highlands .

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