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Judith Reardon

Judith Reardon

The Collective Compounding Debt of Degradation
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  • Artist Statement & Bio

    The Collective Compounding Debt of Degradation (2019, 1’53” video animation) is both humorous and thought-provoking. The narrative explores the coloniser/settler’s denial of their role in changing the landscape and Aboriginal peoples’ land management practices.
    The story of degradation is emphasised by Judith’s skilful and thoughtful use of well-known historical images as backgrounds. By placing these images chronologically, she has reconfigured their meaning to reveal how, over time, European artists were unwittingly
    capturing both the landscape’s and Aboriginal people’s degeneration.

    Artist Biography
    Judith Reardon explores the contested space of national identity, where the socially constructed & common points & in people's daily lives, such as national symbols and mythologies, shared language or culture, or a nation's history or blood lines, result in both
    disconnection and connection. By looking for new ways to express her own truth about how silence and denial intertwine to create mythologies of national identity Judith aims to restore or reveal the meaning of a place to those living there. Judith uses both traditional
    and new media, grew up in central western NSW and now lives in the Shoalhaven.

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