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Jessica Long
While Away My Home Lost Colour and Sound

Jessica Long

  • video 

    Jessica Vincenza Long: While Away, My Home Lost Colour and Sound Home is returning. It is familiarity, safety and belonging. While away, ideas and memories of home are kept alive through images of colour and sound. This film explores the disconnect between the
    artist’s nostalgic images of her home in Australia and the jarring disconnect of returning to a place she no longer recognised due to the catastrophic damage of the fires in 2019 and 2020. Shot on
    16mm film, this work experiments with in-camera shutter-rates and film developing techniques to emulate notions of memory, colour, sound, loss and silence.
    Jessica Vincenza Long is an emerging video artist based in Sydney, Australia. Having graduated
    with a First-Class Honours degree in Media Arts from UNSW Art and Design, Jessica was
    awarded the Inaugural TWT Excellence Prize for her video artwork, Apartment Block No.10 and was also 1 of 30 artists from across Australia to be selected for PICA’s 2018 National Graduate
    Show. Jessica's filmic work has a primary focus on experimental narrative, exploring a hybrid between visual art and traditional film. Since graduating, Jessica has gone on to exhibit her works
    all over the world and most recently was accepted into Spanish experimental film school, Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola to complete her masters in Film Creation (2019-2020).

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