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Javier Baez Bonorat

Javier Baez Bonorat

Children Playing
  • dimensions

    72 x 82
  • medium

    acrylic and mixed media on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Growing up in Mexico, I was always exposed to the Pre-Hispanic art in all its splendour. From the massive Aztec sculptures in stone, to the enigmatic frescos in pyramids and other structures. When I reached my adolescence I discovered the powerful works of Rufino Tamayo and grew engrossed by them.
    This Pre-Hispanic art has therefore infiltrated into my practice, having an implicit influence, in one way or another and “Children Playing” with its totem like figures, manifests this influence.

    Short Bio
    Born in Mexico City, I migrated to Australia more than 20 years ago with a short stay of 6 years in Europe before returning back to Australia where I have developed most of my adult career. I’ve participated in over 20 group shows and 10 solo shows. My work features in private collections in Sydney and Brisbane.
    My main medium of artistic expression is painting, with a focus on
    abstractionism however I stray away from this often as I like taking risks.

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