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Jana Fukova

Jana Fukova

  • dimensions

    123 x 100
  • medium

    mixed media on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    One day after the rain, I stumbled upon this rose; its structure really intrigued me, so I photographed it. I then enlarged the B &W photograph and coloured it by hand.

    Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Jana Fuka is a painter and an illustrator. Her art ranges from colourful abstract oils on canvas to mixed media projects using her own photographs and hand drawn/painted overlays.

    Jana is also a book illustrator and logo designer and resides in Beaumont, NSW, where she enjoys nature, good wine and all the art and beauty she can absorb. Jana's work has been sold internationally in countries such as The Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and the United States. Wide and varied examples of these works can be found at:
    "I believe in love, beauty and the good forces around us."

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