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Gitte Backhausen

Gitte Backhausen

Through the Daze
  • dimensions

    51 x 41
  • medium

    acrylic on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    “This year feels like it’s been a bit of a daze, and this painting reminds me of that. It’s like looking through to the light. Bushfires, Covid-19, several youth suicides in our little community, floods and everything else. Looking through it all, there are also many moments of light, connection and joy, despite, and some because of, all the challenging events. That’s life isn’t it, full of ups and downs. Let’s stay connected and look after each other, make room to share the tough times and feelings and enjoy those moments where we see clearer through the daze.Together.”Bio:Danish-born Australian Artist Gitte Backhausen, lives in Gerringong on the South Coast of NSW. A multidisciplinary artist, predominantly working in abstract painting and printmaking, her practise is about freedom and accessing the subconscious visual voice through expressive mark-making. Backhausen’s work is influenced by her love of nature and interest in psychology. She creates free and lively abstracts, often titled with a link to her reflective nature. Frequently selected for art prizes, she is furthermore a popular workshop facilitator and has had a committed and engaged art practice for the past 15 years in Australia. See more on and @gittebackhausenart

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