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Gail Etheredge

Gail Etheredge

  • dimensions

    90 x 70
  • medium

    acrylic on paper
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Mishmash During this home time I decided to make a series of abstracts that reflected my mood and determination. This art work was created rather spontaneously whilst painting other abstracts. As I painted some abstracts on canvas I randomly used excess paint on brush to lay down many layers of paint on paper using marks and shapes indicative of isolation and connection. I continued along on this way until felt the work was getting resolved. The final layers were then added to harmonize the work and create some quiet areas until I had captured the feeling I was seeking. ARTIST STATEMENTI am a contemporary mixed media artist. My art is created intuitively, that is I put marks and strokes of colour on the substrate without a destination in mind, when open to responding to whatever shows up there will be a multitude of surprises or revelations. .The theme of my work is about the kaleidoscope of impressions form the world around me. I gather ideas from things seen then bring them forth to create images. Recently I have been working intuitively in pure abstraction creating paintings with layers and forms until the finished work emerges.

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