Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Mask #1 Firewall Series
  • dimensions

    75 x 100
  • medium

    digital image
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    A facial mask is becoming an accepted accessory, a statement of public fear, courtesy, personal security, protection, a social firewall. Continuing from my previous series addressing domestic violence and mental health issues, I am now exploring how we use these masks now to further our ability to use them as our own personal firewalls in a very visceral way. Wearing headsets, sunglasses and the focused stare on our phones are social firewalls; they signal a lack of desire to communicate with those around you, masks now add to that firewall of protection. An act of ‘social distancing’ by choice.


    Freya Jobbins Bio

    South West Sydney artist Freya Jobbins’ practice includes assemblage, collage, installation, video, photography and printmaking and is based on appropriation, decontextualisation, re-construction and subversion of pre-existent objects and images. Using the mask as a metaphor for the past 3 years in her work, she explores contemporary gynocentric narratives with a strong focus on the human condition, notions of identity, aesthetics, motifs and the artist’s own dissimulation.