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Erika Sorby

Erika Sorby

Self Portrait as Emerging Artist
  • dimensions

    40 x 30
  • medium

    oil on board
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    This portrait was one of a series created during a residency I was undertaking with NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) during the COVID lockdown. The work was a homage to an artwork in their collection by Australian artist Douglas Dundas, who painted himself as an experienced, confident, and seemingly conceited artist. In response, I captured myself as the opposite; a ‘self-doubting yet hopeful’ emerging artist. Erika Sorby is an emerging artist, born in Newcastle in 1995. She completed a double degree in Secondary Teaching and Fine Art (majoring in drawing and painting) at The University of Newcastle in 2017. Sorby has exhibited in many group shows and art prizes. She currently practices art around her teaching commitments.

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