Colin Talbot

Colin Talbot

A Pair of Kings
  • dimensions

    75 x 100
  • medium

    digital photograph on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Born in Victoria, I have now been a resident of Kangaroo Valley for the past 30 years.
    I am a freelance semi-professional photographer with interests across all photographic genres, but specialising in nature, landscapes, light painting and creative photography. As a self-taught photographer without any formal training I have always harboured urges to push photographic boundaries past established norms. I have always had a fascination with exploring the combined effects of light and time when these two elements are the only raw materials.
    I always choose “touch” and “feel” over technical excellence, “flow” and “balance” over conventional rules of composition, “light” and “shadow” over the perfect histogram, and sympathetic use of negative space to heighten “mood” and “emotion”.
    I have competed and been awarded locally, nationally and internationally, and active in local Photography Clubs with presentations, workshops and judging. Examples of my work can be seen at:

    Colin Talbot - Photographer / Photo Artist / Light Painter