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Charlotte Fowler

Charlotte Fowler

  • dimensions

    60 x 50
  • medium

  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Bio I have been studying visual arts for five years, started practicing professionally in 2018. Art has always been a part of my life, the one thing I have always done. I create contemporary and surreal-like works. I draw inspiration from the human body, creating raw and organic pieces. I currently live and work in Sydney.  Artwork statement This piece is inspired from all the different shades of human complexions, focusing on their skin. Everyone has different skin. Everyone’s skin has scars, marks, spots etc. For women in general, we are told that our skin isn’t dark or light enough, that it’s scarred, that It's not perfect. The beauty of our skin is that it’s part of who we are, it shows what we’ve been through and how we live. I praise the human body in my works as it is important to show appreciation to one’s self. It’s about self love.

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