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Catherine Sim

Catherine Sim

Oberon Golden Hour
  • dimensions

    30 x 40
  • medium

    oil on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    I have always made art. After attending COFA in the 80’s I juggled painting with small children for some years. Still life works were done at the kitchen table between, and sometimes during meals. Now with the luxury of time and more independence I travel often, mostly taking a small watercolour kit on long walks through the bush to rockpools and beaches then completing bigger works in the studio. I’ve been fortunate to be included as a finalist in some respected art prizes and exhibitions and been awarded some amazing residencies. I’ve used that time to experience and get to know unfamiliar landscapes. My work aims to capture a moment in time. Not just the image but the essence of the place and how it felt to be there.

    Statement. “Oberon Golden Hour” 30x40cm. Oil on linen. Framed in a natural wood float frame. I painted this work from an en plein air study on the side of Titania Road. The light was changing rapidly so I sketched it out quickly with an accompanying colour chart for reference back in the studio. The late afternoon light plays across the fields catching the tips of the gums. That journey ended in a downfall of snow and a wood fired roast with dear friends. This painting captures that happy hour…Golden light and anticipation of friendship
    and love.

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