Ann  Rayment

Ann Rayment

Standing Tall

  • dimensions

    82 x 100
  • medium

    acrylic on paper
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Ann is a contemporary Australian Landscape artist from Dolphin Point NSW.

    She has taught classes and workshops for 5 years after retiring from a school teaching career of 35 years.

    Ann loves to paint ‘En plein air’ making a response to the landscape by painting with a paintbrush on a long stick.

    The looseness and unpredictability  of marks and experimenting with colour in layers is Ann’s style.

    She layers printed collage papers with mediums such as ink, pastel, charcoal and acrylic to create her unique artworks.


    Ann Rayment Artist Statement

    Standing Tall

    The Australian landscape is Ann’s inspiration.

    The bold raw marks used in her work are the  responses to an object or scene in the landscape on the day.

    Ann uses many mediums layering often with collage in her works.


    The bushfires in the landscape were the inspiration for this work.

    The imposing eucalypts with their tall gnarly trunks stand proud even after the fire.

    Acrylic and ink on paper, executed quickly after a walk through bushfire ravaged forest.


    Large brushes set the form and  acrylic pens and charcoal are used for detail.