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In the 2016 exhibition, we used professional track lighting to light the art works and were pleased to hear from many members of the public as well as reviewers that it made a huge difference.

This year, thanks to a special capital development grant from the Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival Inc (Arts in the Valley), a partial matching grant from the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association Inc (Kangaroo Valley Show), and the superb work of two highly talented volunteers, Robert Farnham and Stephen Wilson, we will be unveiling an entire new suite of exhibition panels.

Part 1 of the panel build has been completed – 27 new 1200 x 2200 panels that will cover all windows in the heritage Kangaroo Valley Hall, as well as providing additional exhibition space down the centre of the Hall. The next step will be to cover the panels with material, which is planned for early/mid-August. When completed, the panels, together with the track lighting, will transform the Hall into a truly professional gallery for the Kangaroo Valley Art Prize & Exhibition. Dates: 28 September > 1 October.


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