Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival

Welcome to the fifth biennial Arts in the Valley.

Our theme will be Music and Art, so basic that each can be found in every kindergarten yet so inspirational they form the basis of some of man’s greatest achievements. We will present exhibitions and screenings of relevant artworks in most concerts. In several cases, you will see the artist create a painting in performance, including the improvisation skills of noted local artist Archibald Zammitt-Ross. You will be surrounded by gorgeous images and gorgeous sounds!

Our bushwalks will give you both, along with some exercise. Our signature event, Sculpture in the Valley, will be in a delightful new venue, The Willows, and the sculpture prizes have been increased in value to ensure an even higher standard of works. Our other signature event is our Hausmusik series, where we take you into a private home in the valley for a concert in an intimate setting, featuring music and art entwined. Choose one of the three venue/ artist combinations in each series, and make sure you arrive early to allow time for a complimentary cuppa, a home-made treat and some socialising.

Arts in the Valley is renowned for the creation of intimacy between performer and audience, made possible by the scale of the venues. Our village hall is just that – a village hall – and our private houses have generous rooms, often with outstanding views, but lounge rooms nonetheless. The city concert hall has its appeal, but in a village festival one can be transported to a new level of engagement with a performer. Come and be inspired!

Belinda Webster
Artistic Director
Arts in the Valley