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Terms and Conditions

Exhibiting in Sculpture in the Valley

Sculpture in the Valley is open to all forms, materials and sizes of sculpture. The exhibition site can accommodate a broad scale of work, from intimate to monumental sculpture.

Application and Notification 


Sculpture in the Valley Prize Awards

Outdoor Sculpture Award - $20,000

Indoor Sculpture Award - $10,000

Outdoor People's Choice Award- $3,000

Indoor People's Choice Award - $2,000

Highly Commended - $2,000

All awards are non-acquisitive 

Prizes awarded and Judges' decisions are final. 

Site Availability

Final site selection for all sculptures in the exhibition is the decision of the Curator. 

Site Signage

Your name and the title of your sculpture will be listed on a site plaque next to your sculpture. Artists are not permitted to have additional signage, commercial logos, advertising or websites on their works. 


Artists are responsible for the transportation of their sculptures to and from the exhibition site and for arranging the removal of all packaging materials from the site. 

Delivery, Installation & De-installation

1 A site visit will be offered on Saturday 15th May 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm when the Director and Curator will be present. Delivery of works will commence Friday 18th March to enable in-situ photography.  Installation of outdoor works will also commence. De-installation will commence on Monday 4th April between 10 - 4pm, Tuesday 5th April  between 10 - 4 pm. All sculptures are to be removed by the exhibiting artist not later than 4pm on Wednesday 6th April unless otherwise agreed with the Director.

2 The responsibility for installing and de-installing the sculpture(s) is the artist's. Please bring your own tools and extra help if needed. The land must be returned to the original condition of the site. 

3 On arrival, registration will need to be completed.

4 All outdoor sculptures must be all-weather.

5 Late or incomplete works will not be accepted.


6 Outdoor sculptures requiring a plinth must be provided by the artist.


7 If sculptures require earth to be removed or provision for power, this must be discussed beforehand.


8 Due to the need to return the grounds to their normal condition, any sculpture not removed by 4pm on Wednesday 6th April may require the artist to pay a reasonable fee for allowing the sculpture to remain.


9 Sculpture in the Valley may, in its absolute discretion, arrange to have the sculpture removed from the site, in which case the artist may be required to pay costs of such removal and storage. 


10 Sculpture in the Valley reserves the right to extend the exhibition by one week if the weather is inclement.

Artists Exhibit At Their Own Risk

1 The exhibition does not have an accidental and malicious damage insurance policy to cover the sculptures. All such risks in the exhibition of sculptures remain with the artist at all times, irrespective of whether the work is being handled by a member of the exhibition staff; as well as during the installation and de-installation process. 


2 By signing the entry form artists authorize the exhibition staff to move their sculpture or remove it from the site for reasons, including but not limited to public safety, damage or potential damage the sculpture.


3 All selected artists are to be contactable via a daytime contact number or mobile phone number during the exhibition. 

Exhibition Sales

All sculptures in Sculpture in the Valley are exclusively for sale by Sculpture in the Valley, at the amount nominated by the artist, on the following terms:


1 The artist must take full responsibility for ensuring their work is in a condition ready for delivery to the buyer for permanent installation. Artists must provide crating or packaging suitable for transport. If Sculpture in the Valley is required to do any remedial work on the sculpture or provide crating prior to delivery to the buyer, the artist will be invoiced at cost.


2 Where an artist is registered for GST, a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is taken to be included in the sale amount.


3 Sculpture in the Valley will take a 25% commission on any sale.


4 The commission will not be shared with a gallery or agent representing the artist or if the artist themselves is the agent or a director of the gallery.


5 For artists who become represented by a gallery during the period of this agreement no commission on the sale of any sculptures exhibited in the exhibition will be paid to the gallery. 


6 For artist’s sculptures accepted into Sculpture in the Valley from the time we receive your application until the exhibition closes, the sculptures are exclusively for sale by Sculpture in the Valley. If any of your sculptures in Sculpture in the Valley sell; or if you are commissioned to create a sculpture or sell a sculpture following an introduction made during the exhibition, irrespective of whether the buyer has been previously introduced to you, the commission is payable to Sculpture in the Valley and this clause operates equally for represented and unrepresented artists. 


7 The artist agrees that Sculpture in the Valley is an authorized agent of the artist. However all risk with the work remains with the artist until possession is taken by the buyer.


9 Sculpture in the Valley has the right to reproduce images of the sculpture to be exhibited provided by the artist for pre-selection and any images of the work in the exhibition for the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising or archival purposes in any manner connected with the exhibition or its sponsors, including any book on Sculpture in the Valley that is available for sale.


Should the artist wish to use images of his/her work taken at the exhibition for any promotional purposes including websites, opening invitations or photos submitted to publications please credit the exhibition and establish a link to our official website if possible.


The terms of this agreement apply into the future and are not limited to the year of exhibition.



Director of Sculpture in the Valley, Colleen Fry

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