Wynette Monserrat

Wynette Monserrat

On the eve of his 70th birthday he went off into the night alone
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    44 x 32
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  • Artist Statement & Bio

    ARTIST STATEMENT “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” Robert Frost  When I saw this scene it immediately struck me as a metaphor for aging – a journey into the unknown that we all must take alone. The murky navigating of health issues. The loss of family and friends. A journey to be taken by the strong.  BIO After a breast cancer diagnosis 8 years ago, my view of the world shifted. I became more in tune with the beauty in the world and more aware of its dangers. In this annus horribilis, I have lost 3 friends to breast cancer and my brother who had an acquired brain injury. I also have 2 friends who have lost their husbands. I soldier on into the future and look for beauty wherever it can be found.