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Patrick Cummins

Patrick Cummins


Burnt Landscape - Jacks Corner Road

  • dimensions

    35 x 53
  • medium

    photograph on archival inkjet paper
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    After the New Year bushfires had passed through Kangaroo Valley I took a trip out to Jacks Corner to witness the result of the intense heat on the landscape. I had been experimenting with photographing in black & white at the time. Standing next to the car I saw nature in its worst moments can still create a piece of art. I was struck by the tones and the absence of colour. All it required was for me to point my camera and record it. The photo was shot on Canon 5D with a 200mm lens F11. Artist bio After a long career as a professional photographer in Sydney and other International cities, Patrick Cummins has recently put down roots in Kangaroo Valley. His editorial photographic work has featured in many publications around the world from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian to Time magazine and The South China Morning Post. In 2008 Patrick published a photographic book documenting Ireland’s economic boom through changes in Cork’s Docklands area. More recently he has taken up painting and his photography has moved closer to a slower eye. Less about technical wizardry and more about letting the subject speak for itself.

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