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Claudia Kuper

Claudia Kuper

Into the Rivers
  • dimensions

    121 x 91
  • medium

  • Artist Statement & Bio

    ‘Into The Rivers’ embodies the flowing rivers within Australia, without this body of water most Australian rainforests and wildlife cease to exist. The process of the making is evident in the final painting and mirrors the movement of the rivers in the Australian landscape. Additionally, the  natural colours used are neutral and soothing, as if you were sitting in a forest watching an ever- flowing river. Therefore, allow ‘Into The Rivers’ to take you to a meditative state in this Australian  landscape.  Not only an Artist, I am an Animal Activist, Yogi, Traveller and Freediver. As an Artist I find inspiration through all aspects of life. I work with paint, pencils, pens, clay and cameras. I am always experimenting in the studio, trying new things and testing limits. I have experienced many hardships in my life, therefore I aim to bring happiness, peace and harmony to people through my works. The art I produce portrays who I am and everything I love.

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