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Carla Jackett

Carla Jackett

Burnt Banksia
  • dimensions

    76 x 102
  • medium

    oil on canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    My work ‘Burnt Banksia’ is part of a series I worked on between February and June this year, influenced by the devastating Currowan fires that swept through the Shoalhaven and Kangaroo Valley early January.  From mid-January I spent a lot of time visiting the burnt areas out along Tallowa Dam road while putting out food and water for the displaced and fire affected wildlife.  On seeing the charred banksia cones, I was inspired to paint a symbolic representation of them after many observations.  One of my favourite native plant families, Banksia’s are very resilient, and fire is important for their germination.


    Originally from Canada, I have lived in Kangaroo Valley and the Shoalhaven region for over 25 years.  My paintings are mostly landscape-based expressive abstracts in oils, acrylic and mixed media.  As a passionate birder I spend a lot of time in the bush and remote deserts across Australia each year, and elements of these landscapes are often represented in my work.  I studied ceramics, visual arts, and painting for 10 years, and have been a finalist in many exhibitions and art prizes. 

    I will be holding my second solo exhibition of new abstract works,  ‘Bending the Line’,  from 12–18 October 2020 at the Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong, NSW.  

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