Alexandra Plim

Alexandra Plim

Cicada Creek
  • dimensions

    48 x 48
  • medium

    acrylic on stretched canvas
  • Artist Statement & Bio

    Artist Statement I am an expressive abstract artist, based in Sydney, Australia. I paint with acrylics,usually on canvas, sometimes incorporating other mixed media. I paint intuitively,using bold colour and broad gestural marks.This work, Cicada Creek, is inspired by time spent playing in creeks as a kid.(Honestly, give a kid a creek and they'll invent a whole world!) One particularweekend comes to mind, with a friend from school at her parents property inKangaroo Valley. Everyday we wandered down the hill through the bush, dodging thecows, and played all day amongst the rocks and reeds. Heaven.

    Alexandra has been a finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize 2019, Hunters Hill Art Prize2019, Hornsby Art Prize 2018, Little Things Art Prize 2018, and was last year afinalist in the Greenway Art Prize, winning the Local Artist category. Her work isexhibited in several Australian galleries including, The Wellington Gallery, TheMoree Gallery, The Corner Store Gallery and Fenton and Fenton in Melbourne.