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Free Concert - The Valley Sings

Sunday 22nd July 3.00pm in the Kangaroo Valley Hall

The upcoming Choral Workshop will conclude with a free concert on Sunday 22nd July in the Kangaroo Valley Hall commencing at 3.00pm. All Kangaroo Valley residents and friends of Choral Workshop participants are warmly invited to come along. The purpose of the concert is to showcase the achievements of our choristers over their intensive weekend of study and rehearsal. The workshop and concert will be directed by young visiting conductor, Sam Allchurch.

During their intensive workshop sessions our choristers will work their way through a wide range of repertoire including choral settings of Shakespeare, American Spirituals, folk song arrangements and three of the mighty choruses from Handel’s Messiah. During their intensive rehearsals they will be concentrating on many of the essential techniques of good choral singing, including balance, tuning and diction, as well as learning some useful warm up routines, which are designed to protect the voice from overuse and injury.

At the time of writing a good enrolment has already been achieved but there is still time to register to participate in the workshop. You can do this by clicking here: REGISTER HERE

We are particularly keen to boost our numbers of male voices, which are often under- represented in choral activities.

As the photograph and its caption tells us, singing is good for your health and spiritual wellbeing. Singing “scares away your woes.” It also reinforces a strong sense of community and cooperation, a quality which is also clearly demonstrated by the children in the photograph.

I encourage music-lovers to come along to hear our choral workshop choir in action on Sunday 22nd at 3.00pm. I can guarantee that the choir, our young conductor, Sam Allchurch, and the music itself will be quite wonderful. In summary, it will be an experience that is guaranteed to “scare away your woes”.

Robert Constable – Director, Choral Workshop.


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